Reverse Mortgage



If you are a Connecticut resident exploring the idea of a reverse mortgage, look no further than Horizon Home Morgage in Windsor!

Recent changes in the reverse mortgage industry have seen rates drop and service fees and origination charges eliminated. This means a reverse mortgage will be less expensive than you think! Call Horizon Home Mortgage Today

We are CT's expert in reverse mortgages. Our "Full Circle Reverse Mortgage" allows you to access the professionals you need to answer all of your specific and personal questions about a reverse mortgage. This includes fee consultations with our network of attorneys and financial planners.

With all the new changes in Reverse Mortgages, and the financial assessment tool, don't leave the Reverse Mortgage education process to novice's , count on your experts at Horizon Home Mortgage!!

Getting a reverse mortgage is a big step! Before you "Move Forward in Reverse®" make sure that you choose the lender and product that is right for you.

To help you with the decision-making process, we’ve put together a booklet to provide you with a brief overview of Reverse Mortgages and what you can expect from us during the process.

Contact Us today to find out why Connecticut residents rely on Horizon Home Mortgage for their reverse mortgage needs.

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